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Making Things

Wooden Spoons
Upcycled Camera Lamp
Drum Stick Hangers
Leather Flip Flops
Custom Telecaster Pick Guard
Sign Painting Box
Upcycled Bass Drum Table
Skateboard Deck Artwork
Hand Made Paper From My University Work 2016-2019
Leather Pocket
Hand Made Silver Rings
Shirt made from my old duvet
Leather For Magnifying Glass
Leather Belt Pouch
Surfboard Claw
Letter Opener Leather Sheath 
Mini Wooden Surfboards
Skateboard Pedal Board
Generic Leather Pouches

Leatherman Case
Mini Tape Measure Leather 
52 Deck Leather Case
Silver Thumb Ring
Leather Watch Strap
Decorative Light Source Panel (Star Wars Style)


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