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True Soul

Jesus radically defies the habit of a counterfeit existence. His life on earth was a constant challenge to the culture with every move anchored in authenticity. This is the life he calls us into. How easy it is to become caught up in following others, placing our worth in all but Jesus and eventually finding ourselves lost, striving to prove our worth and hiding behind various masks. We are called to follow Christ himself, and Christ alone. Because within Him we find our true soul, our real self, the original self he designed. When we pursue Jesus we begin to transform. He starts to shape our fractured identity, purifying our souls and rewiring our minds allowing authenticity to align with love and motivating us to live genuine lives.


After spending some time thinking about the idea of our 'authentic self' I felt the need to try and visualise a small chunk of thoughts that kept occurring in my head. So I made a venn diagram trying to grasp the reality that when we are closest to Jesus, we are closest to our true authentic self - our true soul. 


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