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5 AM

From 2020 to mid 2021 I was working as a coffee barista while trying to figure out post-uni life and how get into the film & tv world. Needless to say I hated it. It wasn't the coffee making as such, it wasn't the needing to work hard, both of these quality came fairly naturally to me. The difficulty for me was working for a company that I know was wholly unethical, treated their workers poorly and attracted a high number of caffeine addicted, drive thru loving, frustrated customers. Looking back now I am so thankful I went through that. I'm thankful for the early starts that forced me onto my bike in the winter conditions. I'm thankful for the difficult customers that caused me to struggle. I think I'm stronger for it all. But I also wish to never work for that company again...Anyway...I wrote a song about it a while back, mostly for a joke. I do make a few expletives which isn't usually my style but it seemed to align with my frustration at the time.

"It’s 5am, I’m lonely and I got up on my own,

to start a day I know will, just rip into my soul,

they all seem so angry, the king of complaints

but they're all just addicted to, the caffeine in their veins.

These coffee stains like freckled pain, it glitters on my skin,

I doubt they’re even know how, much pain I’m really in.

They don’t really care about the state of my heart,

all they want are faster drinks and fuckin’ latte art.

I don't want to know your name, and you don't wanna say,

it’s just i’m told I have to ask but you turn and walk away,

one day somebody will hint “Girl are you alright?”

do you want the honest truth, or the official party line?

Is it just this customer or am I going crazy,

they’ve driven thru a thousand times, I just think it's fuckin' lazy,

Soon when it’s their time to go from turning keys to rest in peace

little did they warm you, it was diabetes.

Do they upsell in hell

Do they upsell in hell

Do they upsell in hell

I think they do upsell in hell

It’s 5am, I’m lonely and I got up on my own."


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